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It was just supposed to be a simple little kidnapping.

It's almost Christmas and Abby Baer is determined to spend it with her new husband, when she is called by a friend to lend a hand in his escape from a retirement home. On what could be the most memorable road trip ever, she picks up a unique passenger, is tailed by the cops, is hunted by the deranged daughter of a Shoshone sage, befriends a skunk, and is thwarted by a raging blizzard.

Take a road trip home to Hidden Rock Ranch for the holidays. Spend an unforgettable Christmas with the Baer family and incredible people of Sentinel, Wyoming.

"This story takes you on a road trip with Murphy's law of averages, and speaking of laws...yes, sometimes that line gets crossed by a toe or 2, lol. The sentiment is real and tugs your heartstrings."

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"Jocie has once again written in the style that is all hers, and is why I read everything she publishes. Thanks Jocie, for making mine a Baery Merry Christmas.."

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"I love the whole Baer Series. I guarantee these will hit your emotional buttons. Jocie always manages to infuse a bit of humor in some very serious situations with her writings.."

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