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The Three Baers
One Of Them Will Be Just Right

Three Baers

What readers are saying about The Three Baers

Baer Truth, Book One of The Three Baers by Jocie McKade is flat-out fun. This sexy cowboy romance has the ultimate bad-boy hero, a heroine who’s not only smart and tough, but willing to stand up for her friends no matter the risk, and a truly great setting and plot. This first book in Mckade’s terrific romantic trilogy will leave you waiting impatiently for the next in the series. - ~~ Kate Douglas, bestselling author of Wolf Tales and the new Spirit Wild series

With the right mixture of country boy swagger and city girl antics this book will have you laughing, crying, and at the edge of your seats until the very end.  I personally cannot wait for the next story in this series.  This author has cowboys and small town acceptance down to an art and I personally HIGHLY recommend this book! ~~ JBP Reviews

Welcome, to Sentinel, Wyoming, home of Hidden Rock Ranch and the Baer brothers who live there. Each book in the series features a different brother and women that sometimes literally fall into their lives. 


Vegetarian punk rocker, Abby Clark is kicked off the band tour bus in the middle of nowhere. That happens to be Sentinel, Wyoming in the dead of winter. With a talent for cooking and the singing voice of an angel she manages to disturb a very cranky, cold-hearted bear -- Baer. 

Joe Baer, is a sexy Wyoming beef rancher with women issues. His ranch is slipping through his fingers, he's been betrayed by family, and he discovers a family secret that leaves him reeling. 

Snow, out of control tractors, a wayward, but affectionate Black Angus bull, one hot country superstar, an unforgettable rodeo, and two jaded souls that just might be able to melt each other's hearts when they find out, The Baer Truth.



Connor Baer left the ranch to see the world. He wanted no part of being stuck on a ranch the rest of his life. As the eldest brother, he was supposed to be the one that stayed, instead he took the first opportunity to leave.


Jessie McIvey wasn't far behind. Her parents had come west before she was born, and the small town was nice, but she wanted to see the world, not just one corner of it. And she certainly didn't want any overbearing, bossy, cowboy in her future. But sometimes the things your heart wants the most, is the thing you've had all along. Two people left one small town to find what their hearts were searching for only to find everything they'd ever wanted right in their own backyard.



Matt Baer has just been elected the new sheriff of Sentinel, Wyoming. Matt is a man that wants to shake his past. Sheriff in the small town should have been easy, and  Matt was set to be a 21st century Andy Taylor in a western version of Mayberry. Then he found himself in a deserted parking lot with a sword at the back of his neck. 

Callenda Smith was dropped into Sentinel by the U.S. Marshal's as part of the Witness Protection Program. She is a ragin' Cajun with a fiery temper, and a wagon load of bad guys on her tail. 

Russian mobsters, naked dancers, an overprotective ferret, and two people with very jaded hearts find themselves targeted for very different reasons. Once the dust settles, they just might find their Mayberry. ​



It was just supposed to be a simple little kidnapping.

It's almost Christmas and Abby Baer is determined to spend it with her new husband, when she is called by a friend to lend a hand in his escape from a retirement home. On what could be the most memorable road trip ever, she picks up a unique passenger, is tailed by the cops, is hunted by the deranged daughter of a Shoshone sage, befriends a skunk, and is thwarted by a raging blizzard.

Take a road trip home to Hidden Rock Ranch for the holidays. Spend an unforgettable Christmas with the Baer family and incredible people of Sentinel, Wyoming.


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