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Tea Facts

1. Tea is the most consumed beverage on the planet.

2. In the USA, 80% of tea consumed is iced tea.

3. Tea bags were invented in 1908. They were originally silk samples of tea.

4. The art of reading tea leaves is called tassomancy or tassography. 

5. Milk was used in early tea to protect fine china from stains.

6. Herbal tea is not really tea as most are not created from tea plants. They are roots, bark, and leaves of many plants - just not tea plants!

This is an actual tea leaf reading cup. 

The tea dregs are left in the bottom of the cup, or the cup turned and poured onto the saucer and the reader interprets them. 

Many tea leaf readers opt to use just a plain white cup and saucer for their readings. 

In the Victorian era, tea service was very popular, not only in England, but the USA. Many tea parties featured a tea leaf reader. 

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