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Tassomancy Mysteries

Tea Leaf Reading Cozy Mysteries

Mystery in the Tea Leaves
Book One in the Tassomancy Short Cozy Mystery

Each short read centers around Lilly Cunningham and her mobile tea truck the Aquarius Moon. Follow her as she lends her skills at reading tea leaves to those that need her most.

Great for when a quick literary escape is all you need or have time for!

Get your leaves read!!!

Rogue Leaves

Book Two  - Tassomancy Short Cozy Mystery

New FBI Agent Natalie Hanlon has a dark past, and she's about to come face to face with it when her first assignment sends her back to Mobury Falls, her hometown.
Mason Gerard is the world's most elite and elusive cat burglar. Someone is impersonating him and not in a good way. A badly laid trail from the impostor leads him to Mobury Falls.
Tea leaf reader Lilly Rockingham always parks her mobile tea truck, the Aquarius Moon, exactly where it's needed. For the first time, her leaves will reveal symbols she's not ready to see.
An agent trying to prove herself against a criminal who may or may not be telling the truth and a tea leaf reader whose leaves have gone rogue.



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