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The Granite Rose

Sworn to uphold his Emperor's orders, General Marcus Alexius must obey an Imperial command his conscious is rebelling against.

Sianna Cynara, is the Princess of Dacia who has been forced to endure the treachery of Rome, finds her life balanced on the blade of the Emperor's sword. 

Thrust together by elements out of their control, these two bitter enemies can only trust each other to survive, escape the life and death games of the Coliseum, and find the true enemy of the throne. 

Their biggest enemy however, could be their wayward hearts. 





Heart River Inn

A mysterious photograph, lethal swans, gushy beds and a kitschy lovers resort in the Pocono Mountains. Can you say single woman in hell?

Lexi Sheridan doesn’t believe in true love. When a mysterious old photograph lands in her lap, it could be her ‘golden ticket’ to that coveted news job. 

That photo leads her to the Heart River Inn, a lovers’ resort nestled in the wilds of the Pocono Mountains. Lexi encounters a soft-hearted owner with a secret past, a hot manager, lethal swans, attack curtains, and an assortment of couples you won’t soon forget. 



Goblins From the Past

A Halloween Short Story Romance

Second Life Charmed
A Steampunk Short Story 
A new short read from Jocie's darker side --- J.C. McKade 

Cecelia Cordeaux lived an extraordinary life. In fact, it was so amazing she decided to live it twice. What she thought was a hiding place turned out to be a transporter, and ushered her into a new life as an agent for the Society of Undertakers. Her first assignment? Save the King of England........


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