Northern Logic, Southern Charm and Murder!

The South is on the rise and the North is on the march in this humorous mystery where Alabama belle Emme Mayson meets Boston proud Jackie Dickson. Two women - complete strangers - summoned by a cryptic letter to Washington, D.C. With  a family history that seems to include spy parents, that fact they may be sisters, a house caretaker that is way more then he appears to be, and an FBI agent that won't quit until he knows who they really are, Mayson and Dickson are going discover where the  Line is Drawn - and cross it.

The Line is Drawn
Mayson-Dickson Book One

Imagine being told you have a twin sister and that your entire life has been a lie.Then an assassins bullet kills the only person who knows everyone's secrets.

Emme Mayson and Jackie Dickson started a private investigation firm to learn the truth.What they didn't count on was the dead bodies that keep appearing.


Yankee Tenacity

Mayson & Dickson Book Two 


Following the latest cryptic message that might lead them to the truth about their parents, Emme Mayson and Jackie Dickson are pulled into another murder investigation when a man dressed in a kilt falls from the sky onto their truck. As if a dead body isn't enough, FBI Special Agent Chris Meechum and sexy caretaker Sam Fender try to rein in their sleuthing, but the sisters are determined to solve this murder. Men in kilts, Renaissance Faires, and a few mobsters in all the wrong places complicate the case. Emme Mayson is a Southern charmer from Alabama. Jackie Dickson is a straight-forward professional from Boston, they aren't exactly a match made in heaven. The only thing keeping them from starting another war between the states is the mystery surrounding their parents, and their own lives.​

Southern Charm

Mayson & Dickson Book three

Emme Mayson and Jackie Dickson are finding dead bodies in all the wrong places! ​

While looking for the truth about their parents, another body "falls" into their lives. Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to walk on the beach.